Jake Adams

Jake Adams

  • Board of Directors, Carroll County Community Foundation
  • Board of Directors, Indiana Leadership Association
  • Member, NIPSCO Community Advisory Panel
  • Member, Indiana Economic Development Association
Mike Eldridge

Mike Eldridge

  • Director of Rail Operations, Ameritrack Rail
Bill Jones

Bill Jones

  • US Navy Veteran, Purdue Agronomy graduate
  • Cornerstone Seeds owner/operator
  • Member of the Shiloh United Methodist Church
Julia Leahy

Julia Leahy

  • Executive Director Carroll County Chamber of Commerce
  • BS in Management, Purdue
  • Junior Achievement of CC, President, Flora Depot Restoration Committee
  • Heartland Magazine’s Women in Business Award 2017
Joe Mayfield

Joe Mayfield

  • Purdue University graduate
  • Retired from US Aggregates
  • President of the Delphi Preservation Society, Delphi RDC, former President of the EDC & Deer Creek Advisory Board.
  • Enjoys photography, birding, travel and bicycling
George Mears

George Mears

  • Organic Farmer
  • BS in Ag Sys Management, Purdue University
  • Serves on the Wabash River Heritage Corridor
  • “Let’s make Carroll County a better place for the next generation”
Joe Moss

Joe Moss

  • Co-Owner/Operator of Carroll County Comet Newspaper 4th generation
  • Assoc in Photography, Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale
  • Member & Serves as Treasurer of the Flora Presbyterian Church
  • Served on Flora Community Club, Carroll Co. Chamber, Hoosier State Press Assoc
  • Interest in photography, reading, motorcycles and bee keeping
Dr. Gregory Norman

Dr. Gregory Norman

  • Owner/Operator of Norman & Miller Eye Care
  • Served on Carroll County Community Foundation, Delphi Rotary, Delphi Preservation Society, Oracle Club, and other not-for-profit organizations.
  • Dr. Norman is immediate Past-President of the Indiana Optometric Association and an officer in the Indiana University School of Optometry Alumni Association.
  • In 2015, Dr. Norman received the Samuel Milroy Award for service to the community from the Greater Delphi Chamber of Commerce.
Josh Plue

Josh Plue

  • Carroll County Council President
Randy Price

Randy Price

  • CEO of Carroll White REMC
  • AS, Electrical Lineman, Ivy Tech; REAP, REITE CCD, BLC
  • Served as CWREMC President
  • Officer of Subsidiaries of the REMC’s in Broadband & Security business
  • Active in local church, serves on Philanthropy Boards, Civic Organizations, Hospital boards and community leadership in many areas
Bret Rinehart

Bret Rinehart

  • Owner/Broker of Rinehart Realtors Auctioneers
  • Recipient of the Indiana Half-Century Award
  • Serves on Security Federal Savings Bank, Flora United Methodist, Wildcat Creek Golf Course boards
  • Enjoys Carroll County History and its rivers & streams
Miriam Robeson

Miriam Robeson

  • Private practice of law for 30 years
  • Owner/Operator of a 6th generation family farm
  • Serves as Commissioner on the Indiana Ports Commission
  • Volunteer of many organizations: Boards of Flora community Club, Carroll Co Food Pantry, Carroll Ag Assoc, Member of the Flora First Christian Church
Keith Thackery

Keith Thackery

  • Carroll Consolidated Schools Superintendent
  • BS in Math/Physics from Purdue, Masters Physics from Ball State
  • MS Education, Adursm and EDS Indiana Wesleyan
  • “Promote Carroll County businesses and growth to attract families”
Larry Trapp

Larry Trapp

  • Farm Owner/Operator
  • President of the Carroll County Redevelopment Commission
  • Served on Indiana Pork Producers, Carroll Co. Pork Producers, Delphi United Methodist Church board.
Kenneth Walton

Kenneth Walton

  • Former co-owner of Walton Manufacturing
  • Retired from Monsanto
  • BS in Animal Science, Purdue
  • Interest in forestry
Mayor Anita Werling

Mayor Anita Werling

  • Mayor of Delphi, IN
  • Career: Educational Publishing, Strategic Planning, and Marketing
  • Active in Delphi Opera Restoration and Stellar Communities Projects
  • Served on verious boards, steering committees, and task forces in Delphi and Carroll County since moving to Delphi in 2005.
Steven Wheeler

Steven Wheeler

  • Owner/Operator of Wheeler Family Funeral Home
  • Serves on Flora Community Club
  • Carroll County goal, “see Carroll County become a place to live and raise young families, to see Flora grow and become a place for new businesses.”

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Business Resources

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Major industry in Carroll County include Ag Based, Food Processing, and Manufacturing. 

Hoosier Market Watch (updated daily)Carroll County is the #1 pork producer in the state and # 5 in the countyCarroll County is the #1 pork producer in the state and # 5 in the county

At the state level, animal agriculture represented $7.0 billion in revenues,
$1.2 billion in household income, and 32,600 jobs. In addition, it yielded
an estimated $287 million in income taxes, and $208 million in property

Over the past decade, the expansion of animal agriculture in Indiana has led
to increases of $1.6 billion in economic output, $271 million in household
wages, 7,200 jobs, and $64 million in tax revenue.
Source: United Soybean Board (2011 data)

The Facts

  • Soybeans in the form of soybean meal are fed as a protein source to livestock.
  • Livestock is the biggest consumer of Indiana soybeans.
  • Indiana Livestock consumed 1.18 million tons of soybeans meal in 2011.
  • 39.3 million bushels of Indiana soybeans in the form of soybean meal were fed to livestock in the state.
  • Hogs – 16.7 million bushels
  • Egg Layers – 10.6 million bushels
  • Turkeys – 6 million bushels
  • Dairy Cattle – 3.7 million bushels
  • Broilers – 1.7 million bushels
  • Beef Cattle – 600,000 bushel

Indiana Packers is the county's largest Ag Based Business and employer.

Indiana Packers is a fully integrated pork production company that places a company profile
premium value on our relationships with our employees, our Midwest community, our earth and our partner customers in the food industry.

It's this simple, common-thread belief, starting with the executive leadership and running all throughout the team, that ensures the very best from our farms to you.

The Carroll County facility has expanded from a mere 270,000 square feet to more than 600,000 square feet. And, with our eye on the horizon, anticipating market needs, we’re never done evolving. Indiana Packers employs more than 2,000 people who pride themselves on their work and the products they place in the hands of our customers. Indiana Packers’ current daily production capacity is 16,800 hogs—up from 4,200 hogs a day as a startup operation in 1991.

In addition to their signature fresh pork items, Indiana Packers offers a variety of smoked meat products, such as ham, bacon and sausage that are sure to fit your retail or food service needs—in the U.S. or in markets around the world.

Ag Based Industry Resources: 
Carroll County Ag Association

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Workforce Development

Job Training and Career Development

Training and continuing education is a vital component in a company’s formula for success. Training simply refers to the process of acquiring the essential skills required for a certain job. It targets specific goals, for instance understanding a process and operating a certain machine or system. Career development, on the other side, puts emphasis on broader skills, which are applicable in a wide range of situations. This includes decision-making, thinking creatively and managing people. Below is a summary of what resources are available to you in Carroll County and surrounding areas.

Region 4 Workforce Board - Tecumseh Area Partnership

Tecumseh Area Partnership, Inc. (d/b/a Region 4 Workforce Board) is a workforce intermediary whose goal is to connect economic development, education, community-based organizations, local elected officials, employers and job seekers in any way that's needed to have the quality of the area's workforce be a source of competitive advantage and strength.

Through convening and collaboration with stakeholders TAP seeks to strengthen the regional talent pool of workers to match private sector investment in technology, capitol and product improvement and connect job seekers and job providers; and connect both job seekers and job providers with educational training programs to continuously update skills. For more information please visit their website.

Other useful resources:

Indiana Institute for Working Families "Self-Sufficiency Standard Calculator"

O*Net Online - Career Exploration and Job Analysis Site

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